we deliver visual identities.
and they move.

Audiovisual media branding is the expertise of our international network. We create and produce corporate identities,
image-spots, cross-media campaigns. We are brand builders, designers, storytellers, film-makers and animators. But everything starts with a smart brand strategy.
Starting with a strong strategy, we develop
sustainable multichannel identities, that cut through the clutter.
Driven by our own strong passion for sports,
we create with the eye and the heart of the fan.
Truth well told, entertaining audiences in 30 seconds.
That is what we do best.
People´s stories make brands emotional.
We tell these stories, from the core of the brand.


UnitedSenses is an international creative network of partners and friends.
Working with us is like getting international specialists in a one-stop-shop.

Markus Schmidt
Founder, CEO and Executive Creative Director of UnitedSenses.
Markus and his international partners helped launch or relaunch more than 50 identities in over 20 countries in the past 15+ years.
Before founding UnitedSenses, Markus was Creative Director of ProSieben and CEO of its creative agency SevenSenses.

unitedsenses gmbh

neumarkter str. 77 | 81673 munich | germany | tel +49 89 45232060
fax +49 89 452320616 | hello(at)unitedsenses.tv


UnitedSenses is an international creative network of partners and friends.
Working with us is like getting international specialists in a one-stop-shop.

Micha RIss
Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Flying Machine and founding partner of the UnitedSenses network.
Based in Manhattan, Micha runs an award-winning design studio with extensive print, film and digital media capabilities.
Before Flying Machine, Micha was partner and creative director at Meccanica and Manhattan Transfer.

unitedsenses/flying machine

1261 broadway, suite 405 | new york, ny 10001 | usa | tel +1 212 226 7733
fax +1 212 226 7122 | micha(at)unitedsenses.tv


UnitedSenses is an international creative network of partners and friends.
Working with us is like getting international specialists in a one-stop-shop.

Terence Lee
CEO and Creative Director of Roger and long time partner of the UnitedSenses network.
Terry runs one of L.A.´s hottest motion design shops. His work as a director earned numerous awards.
Before Roger, Terry was senior designer at G4 Media.


1109 n virgil ave | 90029 los angeles ca | usa
tel +1 213 620 1028 | terry(at)unitedsenses.tv


UnitedSenses is an international creative network of partners and friends.
Working with us is like getting international specialists in a one-stop-shop.

Stephan Le Roux
Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Eject Media and founding partner of the UnitedSenses network.
Stephan is a pioneer of South African broadcast branding and developed into strategic consultancy for  global media clients.
He also runs People´s Weather, his creation of a 24h weather and environment channel for Africa.

unitedsenses/peoples weather

42 A 1st Avenue West  | Parktown North | 2193 johannesburg | south africa
tel +27 (0)82 211 3228 | stephan(at)unitedsenses.tv


UnitedSenses is an international creative network of partners and friends.
Working with us is like getting international specialists in a one-stop-shop.

L. Nicolay Gronlund
Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Timeline motion design studio and founding partner of the UnitedSenses network.
With roots in TV production, broadcast design and marketing, Nicolay and his team are one of Copenhagen´s top creative studios.
Before Timeline, Nicolay was Brand Manager for DR, Danmarks Radio.


sturlasgade 12 n, 1. | 2300 s copenhagen | denmark | tel +45 6013 1306
tel +45 32 95 52 98 | nicolay(at)unitedsenses.tv


UnitedSenses is an international creative network of partners and friends.
Working with us is like getting international specialists in a one-stop-shop.

Fabian Furrer
President of International Development for Dongdao Creative Branding Group, a leading branding firm in China.
Swiss born Fabian, graduate of Berkley University, closely works with the company´s president and owner Xie Jian Jun and his 700+ colleagues.
As our latest addition to the network, Fabian connects East and West.


Creative Zone, Tw. Tower B | No. 3 Hepingli Xijie, Chaoyang District, Beijing | CN-100013, Beijng
china | fabian(at)unitedsenses.tv




We are long term members of the global creative community.
Our work has been awarded numerous times on the international stage.


  • "It was definitely the right decision to directly entrust UnitedSenses with the rebranding of the Ekstraklasa TV identity. Markus and his team understand the sport and our brand down to the smallest detail of complex graphics systems. They have lifted Ekstraklasa to a new level with their experience and expertise, both creatively and in terms of brand strategy."

    Marcin Mikucki
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • "When it comes to who we want to work with for video productions, the team at UnitedSenses is our first choice in Europe. Whether we want to capture the hangloose lifestyle of Munich’s urban surfers or accompany our Vollgas hot air balloon in Austria's mountains, the guys are always professional and creative - even when preparation time is tight. We'll definitely be rocking more productions together!"

    Fabian Furrer
    Vice President
    Dongdao Creative Branding Group

  • "2020 has yet again demonstrated that experience and expertise cannot valued high enough. In a challenging year, with a lot of restrictions and limitations, it was that UnitedSenses experience and expertise that made the difference for us. Being adaptable on the switch. Reliable and meticulous. But most of all super creative. They are always our go to guys."

    Benno Zimmermann
    Chief Technology Officer
    blue Entertainment AG

  • “Rebranding Dolce Sport TV channels into Telekom Sport was a fast, whilst very difficult project, given the two totally different brand universes, visual ID and awareness of the two brands on the Romanian market. United Senses team did a great quality job, proving a deep understanding of Telekom brand territory and of the sport fans, building a strong and insightful brand story for our sport channels. We are proud and honored for having such inspiring partners for this project.”

    Ruxandra Rau
    Director Brand & Communication Strategy
    Telekom Romania Communications S.A.

  • "Working with UnitedSenses can’t be considered as “work”! It is a true relationship that we manage to build! In the tender process, if you are trying to describe what kind of partner are you looking for you will never find the proper words to describe it as you can discover later on that United Senses is! We realized a full rebranding of Dolce Sport channel to Telekom Sport channels, in a very short time frame, with local production and a very strong suport from Markus team. It was the most “professional” partner that we’ve worked till now and every single detail was delivered as it was established from the very beginning. Definitely we are looking forward to extend our collaboration and I’m more then sure that we’ll do it! Big THANKS for UnitedSenses!"

    Vlad Enăchescu
    General Manager TV Operation & Content
    Telekom Romania Communications S.A.

  • "Rebranding from OTE TV to COSMOTE TV was a very demanding, long and important project for COSMOTE TV. It included new on air brand design, packaging and idents for the COSMOTE TV platform and 14 channels (COSMOTE SPORTS, COSMOTE CINEMA, COSMOTE HISTORY). Markus and his team showed from the very first moment a quick and deep understanding about our company, team needs and brief objectives. UnitedSenses' team is really distinguished for its strategic approach, creativity, expercience, professionalism, high quality standards and focus on detail. They were always there for us and made this trip for me and my team an amazing and fruitful experience! Thank you!"

    Marianna Psomiadou
    Marketing Communication Deputy Director

  • “We are writing this letter to express our appreciation of UnitedSenses´ hard work on the Documentary Channel’s branding project. It is your creativity that brightens our channel and refreshes its visual style. As a 3-year-old channel, that is exactly what we need. Additionally, we heartfully appreciated the perseverance shown during our cooperation. Your professionalism and passion moved us deeply.”

    Zhou Jun
    Head of Branding
    CCTV9, Dokumentary Channel

  • "What is it that distinguishes UnitedSenses from so many other creative agencies? Quite simple - though not to be taken for granted, of course - the cutting-edge concepts developed, the constant support given in realizing them, and last but by no means least, the great crew with their remarkable professionalism and their indefatigable efforts to achieve the best results together with us."

    Uwe Kassner
    Head of Design and Communication Management
    BR Bavarian Television

  • "United Senses did an excellent job in helping to develop our new logo for Teleclub seven years ago. The great understanding of brand building on one side and creating an iconic visual on the other was key to our jsuccess in taking the Teleclub brand to a next level last year."

    Benno Staeheli
    Head of Marketing, Board member

  • “With their international experience, UnitedSenses work for ORFeins and ORF2 has now reached cult status in Austria and became an indispensable part of the ORF identity. Their ability not only to successfully create strong and unmistakeable brands, but also successfully deliver complicated sports packages has proven time and again the benefits of working with them.”

    Michael Hajek
    Creative Director

  • "In an age of complexity where people have an extremely short attention span, Markus and his team have always managed to get the attention of the audience and to communicate the essence of Credit Suisse with the right images, sound and text. And they are a delight to work with!"

    Andrés Luther
    Head of global communications
    Credit Suisse

  • "Our business is Sport. UnitedSenses understands this. From brand development to the successful launch, we were seriously impressed with UnitedSenses’ creative big picture and effective performance."

    Rainer Heneis
    Head of marketing



designers wanted

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